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The players, teams , issues involved with the Rugby World Cup 2015

What is Englands chances of winning the RWC?


I was hoping to have many answers from many different fans for my first post. So far I have managed to get answers from three rugby fans. This is a start and it will grow from here.

To get people talking about rugby , I came up with some questions. I sent them to members of the Southend U16 rugby team and their parents. I also discussed the questions down at my local.

One of the questions that I asked, friends to answer was ; Give as a percentage, what are England’s chances of winning the Rugby World Cup? The three responses I received were from Andy , Neil and Rolphy.

Andy who enjoys a pint or three in the Rose and Crown  in Rochford and maddens his other half Jackie by talking to me for sometimes hours(if  she allows it) about rugby. I regard Andy as a very knowledgeable rugby fan. Strange thing is the more I drink with him the more knowledgeable he becomes.

Neil enjoys having a pint and having a chat with Andy. Neil is a Rugby fan too.During the summer when England were touring New Zealand, we would enjoy a full English , cooked by the delightful Margaret , Landlady of the Golden Lion Pub in Rochford as we viewed the Test match along with other rugby fans and any of the local drunks who happened upon a pub open at 07h00.

Rolphy is one of those guys that you bump into at every rugby club .Rolphy assists with coaching the Southend U16 rugby team. The type of guy who seems to have very few worries and just really likes enjoying himself , whether it be dressing up as a disco ball at the Twickenham sevens or grabbing the microphone off the auctioneer and trying to do a better job although few understand  his descriptions when he has warmed up with 6 pints , 3 jagermeisters , a shot of tequila and and a few swigs of port from his hip flask.

As a reminder the question is , what are England’s chances as a percentage of winning next years RWC, Andy answered 20%, Neil said 33% and Rolphy 100%. Well first off Andy supports Wales, Neil is a bit of a pessimist but Rolphy went a bit further to explain his answer.Rolphy said “England have a 100% chance of winning if they stick to their guns and play like they can but realistically I would say 85% chance of winning”

No one said they don’t believe England can win. So  I would say there is a small belief in these fans. Rolphy good on you mate you really believe.


5 thoughts on “What is Englands chances of winning the RWC?

  1. Steveo England are a good team and I think the inclusion of Sam Burgess will be a huge plus for the red rose chariot boys.

    BUT!!! Realisticaly after watching the all blacks and the Bok’s go head to head recently I’m just not sure that England can rival either of these two super teams who im sure will grow even stronger of the coming months..

    The Wallabies also shouldn’t be under estimated in this world cup with a wealth of talent and open play they could be the dark horses of this World Cup..

    I will give England a 50% chance of winning the world cup..

    Regards Royster.


  2. I am certainly no rugby expert but they did well in the Six Nations, and looking at their first 4 opponents next September I think they have a very good chance of a good start. so I would give them a 60% chance of actually winning the World Cup.

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  3. If England have no injury problems and can play a settled team with players playing in their preferred positions then I think they will reach the final. After that it really is about what happens on the day. Cannot see any other northern hemisphere team winning or the Aussies. So England to beat S.A in the final.


  4. The trick is to score more points than you concede.
    Manage this and victory is assured.


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