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Moments by George Ford where you say “Yes! Go you good thing!”

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George Ford had a good first test start for England against Samoa at Twickenham on Saturday 22nd November. Analysis of his performance can be seen at Rugby World. Ford is only 21 years old, yet England fans have been calling for his inclusion for some time.

George Ford has impressed previously in an England top in England’s age groups. Playing rugby against Samoa is not for a youngster who is not ready. Their bruising hits will soon find you out. George Ford took some hard hits but brushed them off easily.


Ford played territory when he needed to like his low skidding kick when England were going backwards after Joe Marler was isolated then Filo Paulo stole the ball only to cough it up again with Rob Webber clearing to Ford . Ford could have panicked or done something rash but he didn’t, his kick relieved the pressure England found themselves under.

Once England had territory they were able to unleash an attack. From a lineout  George Ford did a wrap around move straight from the training park . This resulted in the Jonny May try. The timing and the accuracy is what makes the space along with Ford’s pace and sense of knowing when to straighten and off load.

The Test of a young player often comes just after something spectacular has happened. So the restart after May’s try needed to be pinpoint. The adrenaline is up and you need to compose yourself and ensure it is done correctly because a mistake at a crucial moment like that can release the pressure on the opposition or worse it could undo all the good work done by your last score. Fortunately ford’s restart was perfect.

Executing set moves and making good decisions puts the defence you are facing under strain , they realise you are getting the better of them and they are becoming unsure of what you are going to do. This is the best time to make a direct break . George Ford took his moment with a scything break. Making a break is one thing but linking up with support runners is key to success in turning an opportunity into points . If a player can do this it shows class and Ford did this well.


George Ford continued through the match to impress with an accurate cross-field kick with a flat trajectory to Anthony Watson. He made more breaks summing up quickly and identifying he is facing to big units and knowing he can beat them with his pace.

Is Stuart Lancaster going to be bold in his selection and select Ford at number 10?


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