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“There are 2 paths you can go by but in the long run” now is the time to select George Ford

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To beat the best and to continue to beat the best I feel you need to have an attack. Concentrate on trying to beat them rather than concentrate on trying to stop them beating you. England will reveal which way they are going to go by who they select at flyhalf.

Owen Farrel has been rushed back from injury so he isn’t in his best form. Farrel is an above average performer but even at his in form best his attacking ability is limited.

George Ford has been impressing whilst in the colours of Bath that is why he has been in the England squad and that is why he started against Samoa. Martin Gregory, Saracens, London div, Eastern counties, said “Lancaster has always stated that he would select the form players in the premiership despite their status”


So would selecting George Ford be the way to go? Martin Gregory says “yes, George Ford should start as he will be more settled after a good game against Samoa and will hopefully show the form he has for Bath this season” Gregory also said “If you want to play an attacking game then Ford is the man as he plays flat on the gain line and creates a much bigger threat for opposition so keeps them honest which creates more space out wide.Place kicking is adequate but not in the same class as Farrel.”

Is Stuart Lancaster going to pick Ford at flyhalf and Farrel at inside centre like he did against Samoa? If he does then he can rely on Farrel’s boot and Ford’s threat on attack. To me this could be a combination with maybe Tuilagi at outside centre when he returns. Ford and Farrel have combined before in age group rugby.

A test against the Wallabies is definitely a way to force your way into the thinking of the selectors. The timing is right as there is still time to grow into the role before next years RWC.


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