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The players, teams , issues involved with the Rugby World Cup 2015

George Ford starts and Owen Farrel is on the bench.

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George Ford will start for England against Australia. It is bold to make this choice but one Stuart Lancaster had to make. Owen Farrel has not been up to his normal high standards. To often coaches don’t give players time to make their return from injury complete.Owen Farrel was not quite ready and he was thrown back in straight into the Test arena. George Ford has been banging on the door and when given his opportunity against Samoa he impressed. So his start is warranted.

England Training Session

George Ford happy to be selected

Owen Farrel will I’m sure remain very much part of Lancaster’s plans and could quite likely reclaim his position during or for the start of the 6 Nations. He is a fantastic goal kicker. Goal Kicker’s often win you matches. George Ford now gets another chance to learn , to grow , to impress but to gain experience. For next year’s RWC if Ford is going to be used it would be good if he has games under his belt. Stuart Lancaster by selecting Ford and by selecting Billy Twelvetree’s at inside centre has sent the Aussie’s a clear message. That message is we not just going to dance our way around the ring , we are going to throw some punches of our own. It’s Bold and it may or may not work but what is the other option going to get you? This choice will be one of two things. England take a step in the right direction or England will find out if this choice is wrong.


One thought on “George Ford starts and Owen Farrel is on the bench.

  1. A superb kicking game from Fordy against the Ozzie’s.
    I had honestly thought the Ozzie’s would come away victorious in this test. Englands Forwards were immense and to strong for the men in Gold.

    Special mentions to Lawes and Morgan who quite honestly superb.

    England still miss Tuilagi in the centres though more for his defencive duties rather than attacking duties in my eyes, as England still look Vulnerable ? and I think if Cooper and Beale had started earlier in the game for the Ozzie’s they could have maybe caused England a fee more problems.

    Ford at the moment is the best 10 over Farrell and will grow with confidence and become an even better 10 after such good reviews from tabs and professional rugby players alike.

    Farrell can work on his game and find his form, he will be a reliable replacement
    for the world cup next year..

    The Ozzie’s ,and Boks, have there own problems at the minute so the finals are from conclusive at the minute, although the All Blacks would be a dead cert finalists if I were a betting man..

    Oh and what about the French??? Slowly but surely improving !! Will they be be the Dark horses of the World Cup ????..


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