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Heyneke, Victor it’s a conspiracy


I don’t trust all the goings on in the Springbok camp. Jean de Villiers latest injury has ended his RWC campaign and his captaincy is expected to be handed over to Victor Matfield.

After 20 seconds in the Test between South Africa and Samoa in the 2015 RWC, South Africa were awarded a penalty. Victor Matfield not Jean de Villiers who was the Springbok captain on the day, indicated to referee Wayne Barnes for a shot at goal. A pretty inocuous event or is it an indication of Victor Matfield undermining Jean de Villiers?

during the Investec Challenge match between England and South Africa at Twickenham Stadium on November 27, 2010 in London, England.

Victory to Victor Matfield

In the week after the Springboks lost to Japan there were a sequence of articles that intially reported that Heyneke Meyer would take the blame for the shock loss;  progressing to articles saying that players never followed HM’s instructions ;then progressing to HM reading the riot act to Jean de Villiers and Victor Matfield; progressing to Heyneke winning back the changeroom to an article where Victor Matfield fully edorses his coach’s ability

Slowly, slowly the story, as they want you to hear it, comes out. Gavin rich admitting in a previous article that he has been the media voice for the Springbok coach. “The excuse I forwarded on the Bok behalf after Durban that the players were over-trained as they were putting money in the bank for the World Cup cannot be used this time. This is the World Cup. And neither can we rely on the complacency theory.” Between Brendon Nel and Gavin Rich from Supersport and  Jon Cardinelli from sarugbymag have seemed to be the voice of the Springbok coach.

So at the beginning Heyneke said he would take resposibility for the shock loss to Japan. Then he said, so it got printed publicly, that the players never followed his instructions. Then it was made public that Jean de Villiers and Victor Matfield were told to shape up or ship out. Then the articles seemed to focus on Jean de Villiers and never mentioned Matfield. Finally Jean is reported as saying Heyneke is in charge.


Jean you are out.

This all indicates to me as a difference in points of view of Jean de Villiers and that of Heyneke Meyer and Heyneke has come out on top and Jean publicly states so.

Now JdV has been forced out of the 2015 RWC because of another fractured jaw. In the Test against Samoa JdV returned to the field when Jesse Kriel left late in the game. Was his jaw fractured then? He gave a full interview after the game without showing any signs of discomfort or pain.

Reminds me a little of when Lood de Jager had expressed his desire to put right the loss to Argentina in Durban only to be suddenly ruled out because of a pectoral muscle strain. Lood made way for Victor Matfield.

Gavin Rich has chosen his side going with Heyneke Meyer and pointing the finger at Jean de Villiers in this article Gavin says :

“The Japanese targeted De Villiers in Brighton, and the Bok captain made it worse by exhorting his fellow players to follow a game plan that was completely contrary to what the coach had asked for. You just have to read what Heyneke Meyer said during the build-up week, and how much it differed from what was carried out on the field in Brighton, to realise that the coach was ignored.

It was pretty much the same in Durban against Argentina, which was the other game where De Villiers led the Boks this year. The South Africans kicked the ball only seven times in the entire match and it was that naïve rugby that cost them their unbeaten record against the Pumas.”

So maybe Jean was told you can be publicly dropped or you can finish your career with a win against Samoa and slip away with the excuse of an injury.

Now the old Bull’s combination of Meyer and Matfield have regained total control of the Bok team.

From Victor Matfield’s book ‘Victor, my journey’

“Peter (Peter de Villiers, Springbok coach 2008-2011) and Dick Muir, one of his assistants, wanted drastic changes to the way the Boks played. We had to attack gaps, pass the ball in contact situations and generally play more instinctively. John (John Smit former Springbok captain) and I looked at each other, both knowing that this wasn’t going to work.

At our first field session I was in the so-called B-side, as I wouldn’t be in the starting line-up against Wales. The B-side had to defend while the A-side tried out Peter’s new game plan. But it just didn’t want to work. The ball was dropped again and again.

Later we switched around so that the B-side could attack. As a senior player in the squad, I told the guys that it was impossible for us to play the way Peter envisaged. Some of my Blue Bulls teammates were in my side and we decided to target the defenders and secure possession on the ground.”

That to me is Matfield disregarding more modern rugby and manipulating the situation to institute the ‘Domkrag’ gameplan.

Again from Victor’s book , him talking about the Springbok win over the All Blacks in Dunedin 2008

” Jean de Villiers, who took over the captaincy after I was sin-binned, told everyone with a broad smile on his face that he was the first Springbok captain to have won a Test in Dunedin. Jean has a good sense of humour and we had a good laugh at his ‘opportunism’.”

You might of laughed Victor but you never forgot did you?


14 thoughts on “Heyneke, Victor it’s a conspiracy

  1. lol Steve, you seem to think exactly the same way I do.. which is why you write a blog and I just comment on articles, while Gavin and Brenden earn the big bucks. Maybe we are not PC enough??


  2. Hi Steve, Thought I’d tap into your site, I see Paul is already active. Dare I say it, is it a case of great minds thinking alike ?? Lol.
    The conspiracy theory, yes the Loftus mafia have been at work again and not satisfied with cocking up JdV’s career have succeeded in reducing SA rugby to a pale shadow of its former self notwithstanding the victory over ‘mighty’ Samoa on Saturday.

    In a way you have saved me hours of investigation into the subject of the conspiracy which is very well represented in your article. I will direct as many people to it as I can.

    As far as the conspiracy is concerned I totally agree with your ‘findings’. I know this is maybe silly but I have always been under the impression that the intellectual levels of HM and his cronies are way below par. I’m not sure if it’s the language barrier and battling to express themselves in clear and concise terms in English or they are plain naive and dumb. In my opinion its a combination of all these factors. Those factors then combine with their sheer incompetence in the coaching / captaincy field which then produces the results that have befallen the Boks especially this past year. Just my ‘humble’ opinion, lol.

    I see my favourite HM fan Frostbite is trying to make a comeback but poor chap he has really been through the mill. His sidekick, Stephen Otto has however gone walkabout and is no doubt waiting for the ”miracle” to occur before responding. I’m not sure if you read the entire saga between me and him on the article ” Blue Bulls narrow win over F.S. ” ( ?) it really got very messy. I do not expect you to take sides in this by the way I ‘m aware your blog must remain neutral in personal matters such as this.

    Anyway we have interesting times ahead and I will keep track of your articles in future. Cheers for now.


  3. Hi Stephen

    This makes a lot of sense to me. I always read the Supersport comments without commenting myself (as I detest Facebook) but what you and Herman say always seems to be spot on. Reading this is really difficult to bear if it is true that a few idiotic individuals (like Matfield) are holding back the future of SA rugby by clinging to their old ways of ‘domkrag’ rugby, as you call it.

    Really heart breaking stuff! Thanks for the great read I will be coming back here in future!


    • Peter thank you for the comment. I feel certain people have a big influence behind the scenes and agree that this is holding back the future of SA rugby.


  4. Absolutely Stephen, like Herman above I am forwarding this onto as many people as I know and possibly can!


  5. Total nonsense! If Jean was so against to implementing his game plan, why did HM not choose Victor as captain from the get-go?


  6. So I guess Fourie du Preez’s captaincy in the upcoming game against Scotland is just another twist in this conspiracy then? Especially with Victor conveniently injured… Hey, wait! Maybe that’s been the plan all the time?! HM & FdP are the evil plotters!


  7. Well, Jean’s influence will also still be there. There is already talk of him returning to the squad in a support role. That kind of defies the whole conspiracy.


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