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The players, teams , issues involved with the Rugby World Cup 2015

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Argentina vs South Africa lacked passion

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My thoughts on how SA Rugby could be improved.

I have suggestions for SARU to improve South African rugby.

  • Appoint a Springbok coach that can improve the way the Springboks play.
  • SA needs to ensure that all the Superrugby teams are coached by coaches who have embraced the modern game.
  • Create a plan aimed at getting at least 3 SA teams into the knockout stages of Superrugby for 2016 and progressively improve on that year on year.
  • Create a rugby culture in South Africa that players won’t want to leave even if they are offered big money.
  • Take greater action to keep South African players playing in SA. This could be a rule that only allows players with more than 50 caps for the Springboks to be selected for the Boks if they are not playing in SA.
  • Put a much greater emphasis on attracting larger crowds to matches. Larger crowds =better atmosphere=helps with player attitude, also earns more money.
  • Coach the coaches clinics. Make sure that coaches at all levels are coaching a modern game.
  • Get coaching expertise from wherever, if they can help it doesn’t matter what nationality they are.
  • Good coaching needs recognition and reward.
  • Good use of a squad system should be rewarded while overplaying individuals needs to be discouraged
  • Steps should be taken to play teams with whom South Africa are not that familiar with, such as Japan or Canada. Lessons can be learnt from every team that you play against.
  • Stop the obsession with New Zealand.
  • Promote good sportsmanship. Discourage booing when an opposition team is taking a kick.
  • Improve training facilities.
  • Play weight category rugby, so that smaller skillful players have a platform to nurture their talent.
  • Increase the scouting and recruitment of talent so that the best can be fast-tracked into Vodacom Cup, Currie Cup, Superrugby and Springbok teams
  • Have a B team competition that runs parallel with the Rugby Championship as they do for the Six Nations
  • Revive representative teams like the Emerging Springboks and the SA Babarians.
  • Set fitness precedants for each level of competition. For example Vodacom Cup level 6, Currie Cup level 7, Superrugby level 8, Springboks level 9+

More suggestions are welcome.

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The teams with the largest, positive, try difference (TD) ultimately are successful

A look at the stats pages, people will often take note of the points difference column (PD). This is calculated by taking the total points your team have scored , points for (PF), and subtracting the total amount of points scored against your team, points against (PA). PD=PF-PA. Similarly we can calculate the try difference (TD). TD=TF-TA.

Of the four teams involved in the semi-finals of the RWC 2015 New Zealand had the largest TD for the tournament with 30. Australia had the second highest TD with 21. These of course are the two teams that are going to contest the final.

New Zealand's flanker Jerome Kaino (L) runs to score the first try during a semi-final match of the 2015 Rugby World Cup between South Africa and New Zealand at Twickenham Stadium, southwest London, on October 24, 2015. AFP PHOTO / GABRIEL BOUYS RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE, NO USE IN LIVE MATCH TRACKING SERVICES, TO BE USED AS NON-SEQUENTIAL STILLSGABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

Jerome Kaino running past Lood de Jager to score a try in the first semi-final RWC 2015

If you met someone who knew nothing about rugby and you had to explain to them what the point of rugby is, how would you explain it to them in the simplest way? I would say to them, your team wants to score as many tries as possible and prevent their opponents from scoring any tries.

So let’s look at it from this simple explanation. New Zealand have scored 34 tries so far in the 2015 RWC, that is more than any of the other semi-finalists. Who scored the least amount of tries out of the four semi-finalists? South Africa with 24 tries.

New Zealand have had the least amount of tries scored against them in the tournament with a measly 4 tries. Who had the most tries scored against them out of the four semi-finalists? Argentina had the most with 13 tries being scored against them.

We love arguing about, if they kicked too much, if they missed tackles, if they should have played more territory, gameplan, modern gameplan, Domkrag rugby, pride, respect, experience, sidestep, angles of running , offload, gainline, set-piece, turnovers, referees, dropkicks, decision making…..blah blah blah.

From the table below, we can deduce, South Africa need to score more tries and Argentina need to stop tries being scored against them. New Zealand are getting it right while the Aussies are next best.

.                                                 TF             TA              TD

New Zealand                            34               4                30

Australia                                   26               5                21

South Africa                              24               7               17

Argentina                                  26              13              13

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What would have happened if South Africa had played France and New Zealand had played Wales?

If South Africa had met France in the quarter-final would South Africa have looked as good as the All Blacks and would France have looked so outclassed if the had met the Boks? Would it have been so close had Wales faced the All Blacks instead of the Springboks? Of course these are hypothetical ‘what ifs?’ Continue reading


‘Domkrag’ has a good chance of winning RWC 2015

I’ll admit it, I have wanted Heyneke Meyer and his ‘Domkrag rugby ‘ to fail. I have felt that if ‘Domkrag‘ rugby is successful, the much needed change to South African rugby won’t happen. All that will happen is we will endure another four year cycle of not learning new things. Continue reading