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‘Domkrag’ has a good chance of winning RWC 2015


I’ll admit it, I have wanted Heyneke Meyer and his ‘Domkrag rugby ‘ to fail. I have felt that if ‘Domkrag‘ rugby is successful, the much needed change to South African rugby won’t happen. All that will happen is we will endure another four year cycle of not learning new things.

We have seen in this 2015 RWC that teams are benefitting from being coached well. Smaller teams have not only kept the scores lower but have gone and scored some good tries of their own. The overall standard of rugby through all the teams in the 2015 RWC is improving quickly although it hasn’t happened at this RWC it has threatened to do so more than ever and that is to turn the world order on it’s head.

It is not that I don’t support the Springboks. I want success that will last, I want South Africa to be at the top of World Rugby rankings for an extended period of time and for them to win World Cups. I want our teams to regularly win Super Rugby titles and I want the stadiums to be full when our teams play at them. I want people to look at the Currie Cup and be amazed at what a high standard of rugby is displayed in this tournament. When I ask a Scot or a Frenchman , a Welshman , Argentine or All Black who the best team in the world is, I want them to answer South Africa.


I used to think Heyneke Meyer’s passion was endearing but now I feel it is the behavior of a madman. What if South Africa lose? Will he be able to cope?

Martin Bayfield spoke to Heyneke Meyer  just before the quarter-final Test against Wales for ITV. HM said ” We moved away from what we good at, we tried to play Japan with their own type of brand and score a lot of tries. We still scored the second most tries in the tournament, you know I don’t want to be disrespectful, I have a lot of respect for them , but England scored the most tries in the tournament and didn’t go through. So it’s all about what happens on the day and one thing you learnt as a coach, way back when I coached a different team, I don’t want to mention the name, people knew what to expect and we won most of our games , of course we did it so well that people couldn’t stop it.”

New Zealand scored the most tries in the pool stages with 25 tries, South Africa actually did score the second most tries with 23 tries, Argentina scored 22 tries while England scored 16 tries. Australia who were in the same pool as England scored 17 tries. In fact the four Championship teams were the four highest try scoring teams and all four of them have made it to the semi-finals.

So HM there are two ways of looking at it. Your way which is not factually correct ,England never even scored the most tries in their group never mind the whole tournament, or another way, the truth. I am not all out against the way South Africa play, I just can’t understand why there is this culture of fear of adapting and growing, of moving on.

It is now very possible that the Springboks can go on and win this RWC with this ‘Domkrag’ mentality. I just don’t see a successful future in this style. In South Africa the Rand is so weak that I feel the South African Rugby Union is going to have a lot of work to do to keep South African rugby successful. Anti-attractive rugby minds like ‘Domkraggers’ will destroy rugby.

That team that HM doesn’t want to name is the Bulls team that he coached. Even though they were successful I never saw a future in that style of rugby. I wasn’t entertained by that rugby.

During the South Africa vs Wales game, I was tense and unhappy. One tiny moment of brilliance by Duane Vermeulen and Fourie du Preez relieved all that tension. Then when I watched the New Zealand vs France game, I was shouting out in amazement. Were you entertained by the All Blacks when they thrashed France in the quarter-final Test? The Rugby the All Blacks played will make money.


6 thoughts on “‘Domkrag’ has a good chance of winning RWC 2015

  1. Steve your last paragraph hit the nail on the head ! If you look at our Craven Week rugby you see a lot of running and skills. The problem lies with senior coaches. Wales, Scotland and Ireland are coached by New Zealanders who embrace modern rugby. We need to promote and encourage guys like Johan Ackerman who has brought a breath of fresh air to the Lions and SA rugby !


  2. Or you could immigrate to NZ and become a AB supporter. Probably the easiest way to realise your dreams.


    • Haunui,not a bad suggestion but my heart is in South Africa. When I watch South African teams play, I put all my emotion in to it. I regularly watch the ITM cup and although I love the rugby the Kiwi teams play, my hearts just not in it. If South Africa do finally make a change in their rugby, I believe we will move to the top of the rugby tree.


  3. i see things slightly differently, Yes- i would love to see attractive running rugby, with some ‘new’ moves e.t.c.. but before anything else i want to see the Boks win, i am very passionate when it comes to watching SA rugby, and i feel that when we play the hard ‘boere’ game, we are better, than when we play attractive rugby. the hard physical game seems to suite us better, it may not be as attractive as the AB’s game, but it wins matches. i do feel though, that we should not be affraid to spread the ball wide every now and again, especially that our opponents are expecting us to drive and drive and drive..
    Anyway GO BOKKE, i want this win against the AB’S soooo bad…..


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