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A few questions for Chester.

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Yesterday morning I got a text from a friend, Martin Gregory, telling me that he was going to be playing golf with Chester Williams. Chester Williams of course being the former Springbok winger, who featured in the 1995 RWC

Martin coaches under 17 rugby and has played rugby at quite a high level representing many 7’s teams in England and also playing for Saracens. Through his business he is often involved in golf days. At these golf days he will regularly get teamed up with a rugby celebrity. One that springs to mind, with whom he was teamed up with not so long ago, was Zinzan Brooke.

martin and chester

Chester Williams at the Victor Ubogu golf competition. Martin Gregory on the left.

The reason Martin was with Chester was for the Victor Ubogu golf competition at Stoke Park. For anyone asking, who is Victor Ubogu? He played prop for England in the mid 90’s. Stoke Park apparently has been in many films including Goldfinger and Layer Cake.

So Martin is with Chester and I ask Martin to ask Chester a few questions for my blog.

My question, “Are South Africa going to beat Argentina?”

Martin “Chester doesn’t think SA will win as they were out to win the cup and it will mean a lot more to Argentina”

These are my feelings too. Heyneke Meyer has already said that 3rd/4th place play-off is meaningless. All week the Springboks have been trying to convince the media and the public all the reasons why they will be motivated while right from the beginning Argentina said they are going all out to win it.

I asked two questions that got answered in one.

My question, “Does he(Chester) think Heyneke Meyer is going to hold onto his job?” and “Should Heyneke Meyer hold onto his job?” Well, maybe he answered the second one only.

Martin texted me what Chester answered “Coach should go as he has not won over the squad and had made poor decisions and avoided the tough ones.”

I would like to follow up with a few more questions for Chester if I ever am able to contact him.  Questions like : What does he mean by he hasn’t won over the squad? Did someone say something to Chester for him to feel that HM hasn’t won over the squad? Which decisions were poor? What are the decisions that HM avoided?

I think many of us agree with what Chester said, but, like me, I’m sure you would like to hear more and for him to elaborate.

My last question was “Who is going to win the final?”

Ans “New Zealand will win”

I agree, New Zealand has been the best team in the world for so long, they consistantly play rugby to an exceptionally high standard. They were super happy to beat the Boks in the semi-final and I think that will have helped with their belief that they can do it. With New Zealand we need not talk about motivation as they always seem to come out with the right attitude. They deserve it.


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