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The players, teams , issues involved with the Rugby World Cup 2015

Where have I been?

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It has been two months since I last wrote a post for “At the ground”. I am at university doing a BA Journalism degree at present. I am half way through with another year and a half  to complete. I have been doing assignments and writing an exam during this two month period of inactivity on the site.

I am a 42 year old student and have a mortgage to pay each month along with bills. I do have a student loan which assists me greatly but it isn’t enough and in my time off from university I go back to working as an electrician. Anyone who works onsite during winter in the UK knows that when you get home in the evening and warm-up, have a shower, eat dinner, chat to the missus then before you know it you are falling off to sleep. So not much writing got done.

I have been watching loads of rugby though. The Six Nations is in full swing, all the European and domestic leagues are at a very interesting stage. In the Southern Hemisphere the teams that are going to be competing in the Super 18 have been playing warm-up games. The Sevens circuit is a few tournaments in. So as ever the world of rugby is very exciting.

In this new term at university, we have been given an assignment to do a video blog ( a vlog). I want to do two.  One on the Six Nations and one on the Super 18 team the Lions. I plan to call them Armchair Six Nations and Armchair Lions respectively. So look out for links to them on this site very soon. I want to write more articles/posts too on “At the ground” so thank you to everyone that is interested in my blogs. Steve Rigby.


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