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The players, teams , issues involved with the Rugby World Cup 2015

Cobus Reinach is a ‘Domkrag’ specialist.

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Cobus Reinach seems to be many South African rugby fans’s darling. I see it completely differently. Cobus Reinach is just the type of player that contributes so greatly to the outdated and ineffective ‘Domkrag’ gameplan that the Springboks employed under Heyneke Meyer and how the Sharks are currently playing under Gary Gold.

The Sharks have no template on attack. By this I mean it is obvious to see that attacking drills don’t take up much time in the Sharks training sessions. You need to¬† implement a template of how to attack, for example: two passes away from contact and then play. You can drill that into your players and in the heat of battle when the team makes a sudden break they will make two passes away from contact then they will make a personal decision what to do with the ball. If you don’t have a template then the personal decision gets made right at the point of contact.

This decision is quite often made frantically and in a hurry where a good summing up of the situation has not been established. Such as when a scrum-half gets to a breakdown and then immediately opts to kick.

Cobus Reinach is a great athlete, he is tough, he tackles, he makes breaks, he can step, he is quick, he can kick but unfortunately has no vision and little if any understanding what is required to make a good attack and maintain a gameplan.

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