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The players, teams , issues involved with the Rugby World Cup 2015


Springbok selection: Is there a plan? The Springbok Baabaa’s squad

I have many questions to ask regarding the selections in the Springbok squad chosen to face the Babarians at Wembley on Guy Fawkes night .SARU is going to spend loads of money flying players over to London and in all probability many of them won’t get a look in. Continue reading


Domkrag Coaches, 7th place Jake White

By the time Jake White was appointed Springbok coach South African rugby was in such a mess with recent controversies of ‘Kamp Staaldraad’ and the shocking behaviour of the Springboks in their Twickenham annihilation at the hands of England by 53-3 in November 2002.

Jake White brought to the Springboks good discipline, a defensive structure, belief, direction and almost immediately, success . A remarkable turnaround considering where the Springboks had been leading up to and including the 2003 RWC then once Jake had taken over they won the Tri-Nations in 2004, Jake’s first year in charge.


Jake White

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