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The players, teams , issues involved with the Rugby World Cup 2015

Please can the All Blacks smash the Springboks!!

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For the long term health of rugby in South Africa I am now at a desperate point where I wish to see the Springboks get hammered in the hope that it brings about a revolution and a renaissance in South African rugby.

The powers that be in Springbok rugby ie. from the administrators through to the national coaches, the provincial,club and school coaches through to the players and ex-players through to the journalists and media and on through to many spectators all seem to understand and want only one kind of rugby, Domkrag rugby.


South Africa has had so many opportunities to make a change but everytime you hope they might do then they don’t. This last weekend on Saturday the 1st of October in the test match between South Africa and Australia once again South Africa went back to their default game which is Domkrag rugby.

While everyone was cheering and slapping each other on the back I felt fed up and depressed not because I don’t want to see South Africa win a test match but because I feel with the right systems in place I feel that South Africa could dominate this sport that I love for prolonged periods and could quite easily surpass New Zealand’s record as the best rugby team in history.

Domkrag has done nothing to grow the sport in South Africa yet all the so called experts want to tell me how good it is. If you look at Superrugby then you will find that out of the 6 South African teams crowd attendances over the past 5 years it is only the Lions crowds that are on the increase. Why ? Maybe it has something to do with success and maybe it has something to do with entertainment, which the Lions have done a bit of both. All this achieved with discarded players from other teams and unknown players.And their gameplan was not a Domkrag gameplan.

What is so wonderful about Domkrag rugby that South Africa is so hell bent on maintaining this mindless gameplan? Why do SA coaches refuse outright to even try to play the modern game? Well, because they don’t even know what the modern game is.

So the old saying goes ‘to make a cake, you need to break a few eggs’. This is why I hope that the Springboks get such a hiding that SARU and all these so called experts will finally concede that Domkrag is the wrong way to play rugby and the only way forward is to embrace the modern game.


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