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Why don’t we get Jurie Roux to pay to get rid of AC?

For SARU to get rid of Allister Coetzee it is going to cost them R13 million to buy him out of his contract. Now surely there must be a villain in all of this mess? Who got us in this mess? How come we can’t get out of this mess?

Is AC the villain? Well SARU never advertised the position of Springbok coach, Jurie Roux their CEO appointed AC as Roux felt AC was the correct man. AC already had a job coaching the Kobe Steel Kobelko Steelers. SARU sought out AC and offered him the job of coach of the Springboks. Why would AC turn down this offer?


Jurie Roux

Roux had taken his time about considering who would be the correct man. Heyneke Meyer had resigned from the post on 3 December 2015 and AC was appointed over four months later on 12 April 2016.

In that four month period you would have thought that Roux would have thought about including a performance clause in the contract he was about to offer to AC. It appears that there is no performance clause in AC’s contract.

If you were given a job and offered a contract for four years by the end of which you would have earnt R13 million, whether you do that job well or badly the company has to honour the contract and pay you R13 million, then would you do the honourable thing and resign? Not a chance in hell you would ! You would be saying things like what AC has been saying “I think I am the man to turn things around”

The thing is this company (SARU) that gave AC this contract are responsible for millions of Springbok fans happiness. Not only does SARU have to buy AC out of this contract to the tune of R13 million but now we hear that SARU can’t afford to buy him out. Even worse SARU has gotten itself into financial difficulty with the governing body reportedly being R19 million in the red.

SARU is going to ask it’s partner, Supersport, to pay the R13 million. I have suggested to people that I have spoken to that Jurie Roux should come up with the R13 million especially if SARU continue to employ Roux. Roux had previous to this huge blunder been accused of misappropriating funds, guiding money to his own rugby club in Cape Town.

I think if SARU jettison Roux it will be a positive step toward regaining the public’s trust. I feel Roux is the villain in this instance. He never advertised the job, he procrastinated over the appointment, he never included a performance clause and he appointed a coach that already had proven whilst at the Stormers that he can’t do the job.

A huge worry is the state that SA Rugby is in. Financial ruin didn’t happen as a consequence of the AC tenure, it has been a long time coming and the excuse of, we don’t do things that way as South Africans and as South Africans we can only work in certain confines, just doesn’t cut it. We need to start doing things correctly.

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Where is the thinking in selection?

I have already written a few articles on the wisdom or lack thereof regarding the Springbok selection. Springbok squad for the tests. Roelof Smit was in all likelyhood going to make his debut against England but is now ruled out because of a pectoral muscle tear. South Africa lost Francois Louw due to injury then Jaco Kriel. Other options might have been Marcel Coetzee but he is out with a long term injury. Heinrich Brussouw and Schalk Burger are unavailable. South Africa are in a spot of bother. I’m not sure where Sikhumbuzo Notshe is. Continue reading

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South Africa are not in good shape a week before their showdown against England at Twickenham.

I love this time of year when the Southern Hemisphere teams travel north to compete against their Northern counterparts. Argentina hammered the Bok slaying Brave Blossoms of Japan 54-20 in Tokyo. The Maori All Blacks smashed the USA 54-7 in Chicago which I was quite surprised with.I thought the US Eagles would have been better. Then Australia played very very well against Wales in Cardiff to win 32-8. The shock of the weekend was Ireland’s fantastic performance at Soldier Field in Chicago, can you believe it, after 111 years of tests between New Zealand and Ireland , Ireland beat the All Blacks 40-29 for the first time. Maybe this puts into perspective the results and performances of the Sprinboks in their series against Ireland earlier this year. Continue reading

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Run or Kick? Chicken or Egg?

When Allister Coetzee says “We need to kick to attack, and not to defend” I understand what he means. Kicking to clear your lines or kicking just to get out of your territory is kicking to defend. AC elaborates further “We have to kick to get the ball back.” Nothing wrong with that except this seems to be what he is basing is attacking plan on. He argues that this is what the All Blacks do. Continue reading


Springbok selection: Is there a plan? The Springbok Baabaa’s squad

I have many questions to ask regarding the selections in the Springbok squad chosen to face the Babarians at Wembley on Guy Fawkes night .SARU is going to spend loads of money flying players over to London and in all probability many of them won’t get a look in. Continue reading

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Domkrag Coaches, 8th place Robbie Fleck

Robbie Fleck’s tone in a preview package for the 2016 Super 18 where he is full of excitement and ideas and talking with a sense of knowing contrasted massively to the broken hearted soul that came out publicly and basically said he needed someone to show him how after the Stormers play off hiding they received from the Chiefs in Cape Town to exit the competition. It was farcical. Continue reading