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Feeling depressed because of the Springboks


Players that played so well in Superugby looked terrible against an out of form Wales. Springbok rugby is in an awful way…….it needs to be fixed.

I feel a bit embarrassed for writing an article bigging up Rohan Janse van Rensburg because he had a bad game. His first Superugby game wasn’t good either and then he made a comeback and became one of the stand-out players in Superugby.

I am sure most Bok supporters are feeling the pain as this year comes to an end. It has been awful.


2 thoughts on “Feeling depressed because of the Springboks

  1. I hardly feel the pain anymore…

    I think it is a combination of a number of issues. It all starts with what Toeties said but cleverly added a single word to make it look different. He said he has lost the locker room, of course he added ‘not’ but it is obvious from any casual bystander that he has. If you look at some scribes who followed the team you quickly picked up that the player were going through the motions and just waiting for it all to end. I honestly hope the end they waiting for is the reign of Coetzee and not just the end of the year!

    Flowing from this you can add in no specific order, lack of game plan, poor team selection, poor combinations, poor substitutions, poor skills…

    I also watched the AB/France game and the overall speed and skill level can’t be compared to the Boks game. Having said that I think we have enough good players to be up there again but not under the current coaching regime. Mallet summed it up best, some coaches can motivate and uplift a team to greatness, other, no matter their knowledge and how hard they try they just can’t…and Toeties falls into the second category.


  2. Seems I was on the right track, seems like Toeties will keep his job, I mean keep his salary, and Dave Rennie will be brought in to do his job. Not really the best outcome but happy to see they at least prepared to look at an overseas coach rather than scraping the local barrel for a victim…


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